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Advanced Process Control

Eascon approach to Advanced Process Controls is to face the problem step by step thus allowing the plant operators to assimilate the innovation, and the plant ownership to graduate the investment.


  • The first step of Eascon Advanced Process Controls Methodology is the Robust Tuning of plant control loops.
    Eascon engineers developed a proprietary methodology for the Robust Tuning of the plant control loops that strongly reduces the oscillation index and increases the response time of the plant controllers.
    The campaigns of robust tuning executed by Eascon in several plants have shown that a tangible increase of plant performance can be obtained with no further hardware and software investment.
  • The second step provides the iplementation of  Standard Advanced Controllers (i.e. ratio controllers, feed-forward dynamic controllers, single loop controllers with non linear compensation,...) that are profitably used for separation column stabilisation, boilers and condenser level non linear control, furnace pass balancing, reactor WABT control etc. These controllers are usually installed in the same DCS environment of the basic controls and allow to stabilize mass flows, energy flows and the unit operating conditions..
  • When necessary a third step provides the design and the implementation of tailored Model Based Advanced Controllers, consisting of multi-loop controllers that use a model to describe the interactions between process variables or to estimate the properties that cannot be measured directly (inferential models). These techniques can be applied with success to improve product quality of low interacting process also in absence of continuous analysers.
  • The last step is the installation and tuning of Multivariable Predictive Control packages, that are applied on plant units with high interactive processes and complex dynamics in order to manage multiple control objectives without violating the process constraints. For such a kind of project Eascon has used both Honeywell and AspenTech packages, gaining experience with both the Multivariable technologies.

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