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EAS: Eascon Operator Advisory System
EAS, the Eascon Operator Advisory System has been expressly designed for Process Industry to prevent plant hazard conditions and to supply the control room operators with the most appropriate instructions during plant unsteady state conditions, like start-up, emergency shut-down and abnormal situations.



The Operator Advisory System acquires and integrates in an unique environment all the available information coming from the field instruments through DCS and PLC, from the laboratory and from the production management.

On the basis of these information it automatically recognize the current plant conditions and gives the operator the right suggestions in order to handle any possible scenarios in the most efficient and safe way.



The Operator Advisory System of Eascon includes five main sections:

  • Start-up Assistance, that gives the control rooms operator advices about the sequence of operations to undertake in each start-up phase, verifies the correctness of the executed actions and gives the consensus to proceed to the following steps.
  • Run & Maintain Monitoring, that helps the operator during the normal running of the plant in order to get the best performances.
  • Abnormal Situation Detection, that keeps under control all process variables related to plant safely, early identifies conditions that can lead to an emergency situation and support the operator to recover them timely..
  • Emergency Assistance, that helps the control room operator during emergency conditions, coordinating the automatic actions of the ESD system with proper manual actions to be executed on the DCS or directly on the field.
  • Shut-down Assistance, that gives the operator advices about the sequences of operation to shut-down the plant either for normal shut-down or just after and emergency shut down.
The Operator Advisory System can be used both on-line and off-line:

  • When the Operator Advisory System is used in its on-line mode it processes the signals and the events coming from the field and promptly generates the proper advices to the operator, that should acknowledge them and take the right action suggested by the system.

  • When the Operator Advisory System is used in off-line mode the signals comes from a simulated “scenario” generated by the trainer and reproducing a sequence of operating conditions of the plant. In this case  the operator under training must answer to the advices, warnings and alarms he receives as if they were true.



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