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Integrated Solutions for Plants Design & Construction

Different technological solutions based on the ISO 15926 standard specification are now available on the market to integrate the lifecycle of design, procurement, construction and operation of the process plants.



Two are the motives behind this technological evolution:


  • The need to rationalize the workflow of the EPC companies in order improve the quality of the result and reduce the time expence.
  • The requirement of the Owner/Operator Companies to manage the Handover not only of the phisical assett (the plant) but also of the corresponding Digital Assett (the tools and the data used during the design and construction phases) in order to get the full control of the plant and to be ready for any further upgrade or maintenance activitiy.

Until some years ago the EPC companies developed their design by means of vertical, stand alone applications whose management was usually demanded to the different engineering disciplines. On the other side the handover with the Owners/Operators was ususally made by means of traditional paper or PDF deliveables.


Today the scenario is going to become completely different and the integration amoung the different design tools and the reqest of the owners/operators to receive not only the deliverables but also the plant objects and their properties make necessary to seek the help of a new rare engineering skiil which must be able to understand both plant design issues and the information technology needs with a global vision wich cross the limits of a single discipline.


Thanks to the particular composition of its personnel made 50% by chemical engineers and 50% by I.T. engineers and thank to its twnty years expereience in the process and energy industry, in 2006 Eascon was able to start the supply of one of the most complete and innovative integrated system for engineering, procurement and construction.


Today, at the end of that experience, Eascon is able to play the role of System Integrator and to supply well tayloerd solutions for the engineering, Procurement and Construction activities.

The table aside summarizes the services and the EPC areas covered by Eascon in this field:

Eascon Services

  • Project Management
  • System Integration
  • Requirements Analysys
  • Distributed Infrastructures
  • Software Selection
  • Software Tayloring
  • Software Test
  • Change Management
  • Training
  • Workspaces set up
  • Assistance (tutor)
  • Proactive control
  • Maintenance

EPC Areas

  • Basic Process Design
  • Schematics and P&ID
  • Instrumentation
  • 3D modelling
  • Material Management
  • Procurement
  • Document Management

Software Suppliers

  • Aspentech
  • Aveva
  • Intergraph







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