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Saras adopts CPP-3 for its Refinery Production and Performance Management

The cooperation between Eascon and Saras started in 1992.

Since that time Saras was one of the largest refinery in Europe, with 16 Mt/year of capacity, sixteen plant units, a wide tank farm, one seaport with nine wharfs and two loading islands.


The first version of CPP ( Production Management and Performance Control System) was born here.


Since the beginning Eascon understood that a very short updating time was required to keep the CPP in pace with the rapid changes of the refinery production cycle.


The solution was devised designing the system around the Plant Data Book as a unique data repository, common to all the application modules, where all the information concerning the production process should be configured. Since that time the Plant Data Book became the prime component of the Eascon CPP technology.


In 1995 Saras asked Eascon to design a new Tank Farm Management System, more fast and efficient than that in use.

The main innovation of this new Tank & Oil Movement Module was its capability to dynamically set up the DCS with all the information concerning a movement task as soon as the shift manager scheduled it.

During the movement operations all the tanks and equipments are continuously monitored in order to:

  • alert the operators about the most imminent action to be done,
  • estimate the composition of each tank content (On-line characterisation),
  • prevent leaks,
  • alarm operators for abnormal events.
At the end of each day the content of each tank is reconciled with the plant production and the quantities transferred, shipped or arrived in the refinery.

In 1998 Saras started the erection of an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Plant (IGCC) with a capacity of 550 megawatt of electric power and 40.000 Nm3/ of hydrogen.  Eascon was charged by the main contractor Snamprogetti to implement the Management Information System of this new complex (Sarlux).

The standard CPP modules were improved to take into account the peculiar needs of this type of plant:

  • stream enthalpy calculation,
  • main equipments efficiency monitoring,
  • energy balance reconciliation,
  • exergy balance calculation in order to identify the most significant losses of "useful work".


In 2001 Saras gave Eascon the task of implementing a new CPP module to manage in details each aspects of the Supply Chain Operations

The new module synchronizes  the workflow of each arrival/shipment operation though all the Saras departments involved in the supply chain from the instant when the marketing department issues a purchase or sale order to the instant when the tanker lives the loading wharf. Each department finds in real time the information generated by the others, does the operations of its competence and issues the official and fiscal documentation needed. A continuous check of operations in progress is performed  by the system in order to minimize the downtimes and to reduce lay-days costs. Everyone in the Saras Refinery as in  the  company headquarters in Milan can know  in real time the status of each arrival and shipment operation.


In 2004 Eascon understood that the WEB technology was ripe to enter in the plant management and agreeded with Saras to re-design completely its management information system in order to take advantage from this technological revolution.

The CPP system was re-engineered from root exploiting the new advanced features of Oracle 10g and emphasizing the leading role of the WEB User Interface.


Nowadays the Saras Management Information System is the most complete set of tools for refinery  government,  performance monitoring and short-term operation scheduling.

Thanks to the native WEB-user interface everyone in Saras can  find timely all the information he need, wherever he stays.


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