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Isab Energy adopts CPP-3 for its IGCC plant Production and Performance Management

The erection of the Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle plant of Isab Energy started in 1998.

The design capacity of this plant is 540 megawatt of electric power and it includes two high capacity lines for gasification and electric power generation.


The implementation of a Management Information System right during the plant erection was firmly requested by the Plant Owner, because he was convinced that the system should be very useful during the plant commissioning phase.


Facts showed that he was right.


In 2000, after the plant start-up, Isab Energy asked Eascon to implement two additional modules:

A Cost Control Module to monitor in details and on a daily basis,  both the plant variable costs and the operation margin.

This module is able to assess the actual costs of the feed and of the consumptions on the basis of the existing contracts with the suppliers (mainly the ISAB refinery ) and calculates the variable cost of the intermediate products and utilities on the basis of the validated and reconciled measures and of the real operating conditions of the plant. The variable margin is obtained by the comparison of the calculated cost of the produced electric power with the corresponding contractual price of sale.


A Production Planning Module to be used with a both monthly and daily time horizon in order to identify the optimal production plan on the basis of  the electric power to be produced and the spread of feedstock made available by the refinery.

The production plan is calculated both in quantities and in economics and evaluates the costs and the revenues according to the contracts signed with the suppliers and the clients.

Every day the plan is recomputed to analyse the economical effects of deviation in quantities and in performances from the target  and to forecast the expected production results at the end of the current month.


In 2003 the first version of the CPP WEB_User interface was commissioned to Eascon by Isab Energy, in order to allow their managers and engineers to monitor the plant performance also when they was outside the plant.


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