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Sasol Italy adopts CPP to manage its Petrochemical Plants and Warehouses

Sasol Italy owns 3 plant sites and almost 10 warehouses in Italy and in Europe.


The activities of Sasol Italy cover different industrial areas:


  • Petrochemical : Augusta and Sarroch
  • Fine Chemical: Terranova


One of the most critical aspect of Sasol Italy production cycle is to balance the plant set-up and the product stocks with the marked demand

In 2003 Sasol Italy asked Eascon to realize a Management Information System able to supply every day the managers at the company headquarters with:


  • a daily reconciled material balance of each plant and tank of all the production sites and warehouses.


  • a medium and short term integrated production planning and scheduling of all the plants and warehouses


  • an immediate and world wide visibility of the current and future amount and quality of the products available to promise.


For these purposes two main challenges had to be faced up:


  • A functional challenge concerning the integration of the production management, the supply chain management and the production planning of different plant sites that had to work in a closed cooperation because of the strong interconnection of their production flows.


  • A technical challenge due to the distribution of the plant sites on all the Italian territory and the different process areas (petrochemical and chemical) those sites belong to.


To overcome these problems a multi-site version of CPP was implemented, able to show all the information concerning the production process of each site to the managers in the Sasol Italy headquarters like they were in place.


  • The unique interface, that the Sasol Italy users have, to access to all information is the web browser of their personal computer.

  • The only gate is their password.

  • Once they have overcome this, they have the complete production cycle of the company in the flat of their hand.

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