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The Utility Management System of Erg Power & Gas


In 2005 two companies of ERG Group - ERG Nu.Ce. and ERG Med - now merged in ERG Power & Gas, gave Eascon the task to implement their Utility Management System (UMS).



The system, based on the CPP-3 platform, has the goal to balance the utilities consumption of the two refineries owned by Erg Med and of other petrochemical plants located in the same site of Priolo - with the electric power and the steam produced by the three power plants of Erg Nu.Ce.



The utilities managed by UMS include fuel oil, fuel gas, electric energy, steam networks at 3 pressure levels, demi water, cooling water, nitrogen, instrument air and utility air.



UMS covers all the technical needs for utility production control, utility consumption planning, utility network balances, efficiency control and comparision with target values, cost control, emission accounting. All the CPP-3 modules are used in a strong integrated way in order to meet the management requirements of this multi-site, multi-company industrial complex.



The following functionalities are included in the UMS system:

  • On line acquisition of the key process variables for utility consumption and production.
  • On line flow compensation, enthalpy and exergy calculation on the basis on rigorous models.
  • Material balances, energy balances and exergy balances of each plant section and utility network.
  • Efficiency calculation for all the critical equipments (furnaces, turbines, heat recovery steam generators ...).
  • Material balance reconciliation of all the utility networks, including fuel oil storage and refinery fuel gas network.
  • Utility accounting and cost control for each plant section.
  • Comparison of actual and target values for each utility consumption and production.
  • Short term (scheduling) and long term (planning) forecast of all the utilities consumed by the refinery plants.
  • Environmental emission control for pollution components (SO2, NOx, CO, powder)
  • CO2 emission accounting.

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