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The Operator Advisory System EAS in the IGCC power plant of Isab Energy

Isab Energy Services is the company charged to operate the IGCC power Plant on behalf of ERG Power & Gas.


The IGCC complex is made up of more than 20 units, 7 of which are classified "RIR", High level Risk Plants. Therefore Isab Energy Services, when  managing the plant, had to guarantee a safe and reliable conduction as well as a profitable one and in 2003 started a new project to improve both these aspects.



Isab Energy Services identified in the Operator Advisory System (EAS) of Eascon a powerful tool for the improvement of  the ontrol room operators skilfulness to face any plant operating situation and to prevent hazard conditions.


EAS was preferred to other solutions based on traditional training simulators because of the following advanges:

  • it operates on-line and the advices given the operators take into account the actual condition of the plant;
  • it is able to integrate and incorporate all the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) given by the plant constructor for safe plant conduction
  • it allows to update the knowledge of the system using all the operating staff acquired experience
  • it allows off-line trainings based on true scenarios taken from the history data of the plant


The implementation of the Operator Advisory System was dived into two phases:

  • The first phase, completed in 2004, covered all the 7 High Risk Units and required the configuration of almost 6000 procedure steps and 2200 alarms.
  • The second phase, completed in 2005, covered all the other 13 Units of the IGCC complex and required the configuration of almost 15000 procedure steps and 5000 alarms.


At the end of the project the Operator Advisory System, for each unit of the whole IGCC complex was able to supply the following functionalities:

  • Operator Assistance during Start-up, Shut-down and Emergency Operation
  • Operator Assistance for Abnormal Situation Management
  • Operator Assistance during Normal Operation
  • Operator Training with off-line Operator Advisory System
  • Generation of Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)


And it gave Isab Energy Services the following benefits:

  • Improvement of operator skills through continuous training both in on-line and off-line mode;
  • Sharing of technical and operating know-how between expert and young operators;
  • Standardization of the operators plant conduction behaviour
  • Standard Operating Procedures Updating



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