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The integrated Information System of Siirtec Nigi for Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Different technological solutions based on the ISO 15926 standard specification are now  available on the market to integrate the lifecycle of design, procurement, construction and operation of the process plants. Besides they allow the owner operators of the plant to trasform the old style hand over based on paper o PDF delieverables into a true delivery of a Digital Asset as well as the phisical one.



At  the beginning of the year 2006 Siirtec Nigi was a rapidly growing EPC company and its management understood that the software tools in use in the company were not sufficient to support this growth.
The management of Siirtec Nigi gave Eascon the task of designing a road map for a complete re-enegineeering of the Information Technology of the Company.

From April 2006 to March 2007 a Datailed  Analysis was carried on by Eascon and Siirtec Nigi and the requirements of the new Engineening Execution System were analized;  the integration was immediately identified as a very promising growing factor for the company and as an opportunity to rationalize the production processes


To satisfy these requirements Eascon supplied a complete solution including modules from different software providers and adopting SmartPlant Foundation by Integraph as the integration platform for objects and documents. 


At the end of 2008 the first tranche of the solution was released and the management of Siirtec Nigi acknowledged that the project succeded in its foundamental objectives and stated that from that moment all the engineering jobs had to start with the new integrated  system.


At the end of 2009, the second and last tranche of the integrated system is going to be completely tested and its release is foreseen at the beginning of 2010.


The main benefits in the adoption of this new integrated solution by Siirtec Nigi were:

  • Rationalization of the engineering workflow
  • Reduction of the time wasted in low added value activities such as copy and paste or manual tick off
  • Correct flow of the information amoung the disciplines
  • Reduction of the inconsistencies among documents of different disciplines.

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