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Advanced Process Controls of the Profertil Ammonia & Urea Plants
The Ammonia & Urea Plants of Profertil in Bahia Blanca (Argentina) are the widest fertiilized complex of this type in the world with a capacity of  2100 t/d of Ammonia and 3200 t/d of Urea.

In 2001 Snamprogetti (now Saipem) the cantractor wich was providing the plants to Profertil, charged Eascon of the implementation of the Advanced Process Controls of both the ammonia and urea plants.


The project, based on the DMC+ technology, was completed in 12 months and the Advanced Process control were activated in 2002 immediately after the completion of the commissioning of the Plant.


10 Multivariable Control Modules were implemented for the  Ammonia Plant with the following main benefits:

  • Stabilization of outlet primary reformer temperature
  • Reduction of methane leakage in secondary reformer outstream
  • Stabilization of H/N ratio in synthesis loop
  • Stabilization of inert content in synthesis loop
  • Automatic load changing throughout entire Ammonia-Urea plants
  • Rigorous Steam/Carbon ratio Control accounting for variations in feed gas composition.


8 Multivariable Control Modules were implemented for the  Urea Plant with the following main benefits:

  • Stabilization of Oxygen concentration in passivation process
  • Stabilization of Synthesis reactor pressure
  • Improvement of Carbamate separator Level Control
  • Reduction of ejector working pressure
  • Stabilization of ammonia flow to Synthesis reactor

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