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Asset Management System for Gazprom Gas Treatment Plant in the Nord Stream Pipeline
The Asset Management System for the Gas Treatment Plant of GAZPROM at Portovaya has been released on the basis of the CPP-3 technology of Eascon.
The Portovaya Gas Treatment Plant (GTP) is the biggest plant in the world of its type and it is part of the Nord Stream Project, a multi billion euro international investment, and one of the key investments in Russia in 2011. Just from the beginning, the EPC company charged by Gazprom with the design and the supply of the GTP had no doubt that in such a project the most advanced technologies had to be applied .
So, in addition to the traditional plant control systems such as DCS and ESD a new Asset Management System (AMS) was supplied with the plant in order to deeply monitor its operations just from the first commissioning and startup phases.

This Asset Management System, was designed by the EPC and Eascon engineers on the basis of the standard software platform CPP-3 of Eascon.

It is completely based on the last Oracle technology (Oracle DB 11g and Oracle IAS 11g) and consists of three application modules, one configuration module and a unique web enabled graphic user interface as described hereund


The Plant Data Book Module (DB) is the core of the system and is used for the configuration of all other application modules intrinsically assuring their consistency and eliminating the need of any interface.



The Plant Performance Module (PPM) is designed to continuously monitor the behavior and the performances of the plant and to alerts the engineers in case of inefficiency allowing them to analyze in detail its origin. This module is able to:

  • Acquire the measures and the status from the DCS/ESD;
  • Calculate and reconcile the material balances of the plant and of its units;
  • Calculate the key performance indicators (KPI) and the efficiencies of the plant
  • Monitor the actual performances of the plant and compare them with the design values;
  • Allow a detailed process analysis of the behavior of the plant at present time and in any time interval in the past.


The Equipment Monitoring Module (EMM) supplies the plant operation and maintenance engineers a set of information on the operating conditions of each equipment of the plant, both current and historical, in order to support the management and the planning of the maintenance operations. It is able to:

  • Acquire and record the operating mode and the operating conditions of each equipment;
  • Identify the period of normal, abnormal or critical operation of each operating mode;
  • Track the Equivalent Working Time of each equipment on the basis of its operating conditions
  • Suggest the proper actions of predictive and preventive maintenance to be performed
  • Track all the fault and the maintenance operations performed.


The Operator Advisory System (EAS) is a smart, on line tutorial guide for the control room operators which includes all the operating procedures described in the Operator Manual of the plant.
The availability of this tool improves significantly the expertise of the control room personnel in the management of unusual situations and reduces considerably the probability of human errors in the plant running. Besides EAS allows a standardization of the personnel behavior during the running of the plant and makes easier the handling of turn over problems, reducing the time to be spent to train new personnel. It is able to:


  • On line monitor measures of the plant in order to identify its set up and operating condition
  • Suggest the operator the proper procedure to manage any set up change
  • Automatically identify any abnormal situation and suggest the proper actions to recover it
  • Check that the suggested procedure are properly adopted by the operator on a step by step basis

The "native" WEB Graphic User Interface based on Oracle Internet Application Server 11g and Java J2EE allow the users to access in a unique way to all the AMS modules by means of a standard web browser from everywhere they are in the plant or outside.the operator on a step by step basis.




The Benefits for the EPC Company are:

  • Improve the technological profile of the EPC Company.
  • Simplify and speed-up the activities during the commissioning and startup phases.
  • Safeguard the EPC Company during the guarantee period allowing its engineer to easily analyze the true causes of any fault or malfunctioning in case of claim of the client.
  • Allow the EPC Company to retain customers offering them a post-sale assistance service everywhere in the world with low costs and time expense for travel and process data analysis.


The Benefits for the Owner/Operator Company are:

  • Plant Monitoring during commissioning, start up and operation, both from control room and from plant or corporate offices.
  • Plant Performance Analysis with comparison between actual and design efficiencies.
  • Monitoring of the Equipment Working Condition during commissioning, start up and operation
  • Equipment RAM statistical calculation on the basis of the actual operating conditions
  • Equipment Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Suggestions on the basis of a sophisticated calculation of the EWT and of the abnormal situations detected
  • Equipment Maintenance Tracking
  • Integration with Engineering and Vendor Documentation (Optional)
  • On Line Operator Support during plant Start-Up, Shut-Down and Set-Up Changes
  • Automatic Detection of Abnormal Situations and on line support for their recover
  • Easy Access to all plant Operating Procedures, best practice guidelines, alarm conditions and corresponding set of advices
  • Easy Update of the system rule database, in order to follow any change either in plant layout or in operating guidelines
  • Know-How Sharing among all technical staff members
  • Integration and Standardization of all technical staff expertise, acquired from everyday practice in plant management

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